The Sad Farwell

Hey guys, so you may have seen in the thread I still have the glitch and don’t have it in me to bring this back whilst the glitch persists.  So here is how our story ends.

We got to 65 babies in game although the triplets were never shown in game.  Wrath would stay true to his word and he would send the stuff needed for Melody to become pregnant with no other help needed.  He would also leave Melody and J to live their lives till they reached 75 babies.

Life for the two of them would be wonderful and a bliss to Melody, she had her dream, her prince.  When Wrath turns up he takes Melody on a trip to the past with him.  They headed back to the day Trinity was stood up by the Sky she was supposed to wed.  They would see Trinity cast the spell and learn the exact wording used in hopes of bringing an end to the curse.

When they go back to the present Melody is still clueless on how to break the spell and asks if it’s possible to actually speak to Trinity.  Wrath says he will have to see if he can make it so they can be seen in the past and have a conversation with her.

At 80-85 kids Scott turns up on the run from Edna, he found out her plan, and he ran home to his mother to tell her. Edna planned on bulldozing Sky Manor but instead of destroying everything on the lot, she planned on placing bits all over the sim world.  Even the dirt was cursed, she wanted as many people as possible cursed like her and her ancestors.  She wanted to destroy love and hope and happiness.  Scott was amazed at the lengths she would go to.   A random brick on a plot would almost always go unnoticed unless by someone who was exceptionally house proud.  Having the windows and doors taken out by appropriate companies and paid to reinstall them when someone decides to upgrade their basic necessities.

He had found love and couldn’t believe the lengths someone would go to to bring unhappiness to everyone.  The major downfall would be that children could be a thing of the past, with no love or hope of it what hope was there of another generation.

Melody told Wrath at the first chance she got after making sure Scott was ok and dealing with the initial she really is a crazy lady shock.

At 90 kids Wrath turns up again, and this time he takes Melody to the past to talk to Trinity Song.  Trinity takes a while taking in that she has a reincarnation and that she is a Sky descendant given that at this point she’s already placed the curse.  Melody explains to her about Edna and her crazy plan.  Melody asks if it’s possible and Trinity confirms it’s possible however it would take several years for the diluted spell to take effect.  Melody explains that she has had 90 children and is near her goal to owing the house but want to destroy the spell too.  She talks to her with deep empathy explaining that times have changed, it was so long ago time is up, she wanted the opportunity to see her own children at night, to see her grandchildren and maybe even be lucky enough to see a great grandchild without fear of anyone being cursed.

Trinity saw Melody’s way of thinking and explained what needed to be done.  It turned out what needed to be done was something Melody never dreamed of doing.  Killing her husband.  A magical death of a true love on love cursed grounds would break the spell.  It wasn’t any wonder it wasn’t something that had been done before.  Trinity hugged Melody and wished it could be different as she could see the deep pain in Melody’s eyes.  She understood what it was to love the love of your life.

Melody went home with Wrath and went straight to her spell book. She was determined to find a way to save her husband but as she got closer and closer to 100 kids she couldn’t find it and she searched harder and harder, she would rather have the curse on the house than kill her own husband.

As Melody approached 100 kids Edna would turn up in the town asking about Melody.  She wouldn’t find the house until baby 100 was a child.  Melody at this point had pretty much ignored her last ten children in hopes of finding a way to save her husband.  Melody knew she owned the house now with 100 heirs but she also knew Edna would never stop.

Melody’s relationship with Jerome was getting more and more difficult he wasn’t ready to be a single dad in his opinion and they fought often but Melody knew that if she could find a way to keep him alive then it wouldn’t matter.

A spell was found to bring a meteor down upon a spot and Melody had to use it before she knew it.  Only an hour after she learned it Edna was in the back garden amongst the playground.  Melody turned around from the magic section of the garden and saw nothing else to do to save millions, she brought a meteor down on Edna.

It occurred to her quite some time later that she had prophesied this when she was in Appaloosa Plains but it didn’t occur to her in that moment as out of nowhere Jerome was having a verbal fight with Edna.  He was yelling at her to get off private land.  It was Melody’s now she had had the children.  Melody screamed at Jerome to get out of the way but it didn’t matter the meteor hit them both and died.  Edna’s death was instant but Jerome’s, Melody ran to him and they got to say goodbye before he took his last breath.

Melody went into a mad rage as she sobbed for her dead husband.  She starts flinging spells all over her back garden.  She is only stopped by her phone’s insistent ringing.  I mean does no one know she’s grieving here???

On the other end of the phone is Viscous he asks Melody to stop and to call all the kids home.  He’s seen the future and he knows how to bring Jerome back.

In desperate hope Melody calls every last child to her.  It’s not a quick process as much as they would like to all be there in an hour they are scattered over the planet.  It’s the longest two days of Melody’s life and all that gets her through it is the hope that Viscous is able to bring J back.

Viscous turns up a couple of hours before the last of the kids.  The house now uncursed as the meteor was called via a spell is full and the rest of the kids have had to book into the local hotels.  Viscous explains that all of the kids need to surround the property holding hands creating a giant wican circle.  The property is the key, it is the death place of Jerome and the birth place of the curse, combined she can bring her love back.

So the kids surround the property holding hands, and Melody goes to the spot where J died and casts the spell Viscous told her he had seen her cast.  Viscous isn’t on the property at this point so as not to harm the spell.  Ten minutes pass in the casting and Melody starts to worry it won’t work which is about the time a ghost of her husband appears.  She wants to stop casting the spell, she is happy yet sad, happy to see him but sad as she wanted him… well not as a ghost.  As she continues to cast the spell the air around her changes she can feel it all around her, she closes her eyes and finally utters the last words of the spell.

Melody stands there unable to open her eyes terrified of what she’ll see.  She practically falls in a heap though as he says her name and touches her cheek.  Tears fall from her face with no sound, she has her husband back and the curse is broken.  They kiss and the kids clap out of joy, for the woman who brought them all into existence.

The end!

Oh yeah and plans were had for them to have a couple more kids of their own but over the rest of their lives when they were ready and giving them more than enough time together first.  They travelled the world together and became as close as they ever were.  Nothing ever stopped our beloved couple again.

One Year Anniversary

Hey guys, it’s my one year anniversary since I started the Sky Babies on the 11th of June.  I know it’s gone quick hasn’t it.  I have an anniversary page here (which is a Q&A to me and anyone in my stories), and a memory lane page for each story written thus far, except for the Nightingale Resort as that’s still in early days and the Anniversary is being hosted there.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the baby glitch has been tried and tested today after a full uninstall and reinstall, it’s still there.  I don’t want to do this but until further notice both Jenna and Houston’s challenges are cancelled.  I haven’t decided what to do about Melody’s as she is the furthest along and I may decide to force her challenge by using master controllers non glitched babies (instant baby) to actually complete the challenge.  She is at 65 kids in game and thus only has 35 kids to go.  I don’t want to cancel any of the challenges but the glitch I have been informed is a pets and patch 1.32 clash.  How exactly that works I don’t know but it’s not a CC issue its a pets and EA one.  So many of you have been so supportive and tried to help me through this issue but unless EA fix it I don’t think I can due to the information I’ve been given.

What is the glitch exactly you ask, well if I get a sim pregnant and have them go through the pregnancy the child is glitched, currently there is a 50% chance of a baby’s picture being glitched like below (the first image is before the uninstall the second after).

When this happens in my game they will not age up to toddlers.  Before the uninstall it was a 98% chance of a glitched child so I’m worried about the odds going back up since the uninstall and reinstall.  The core of the issue though is that with birthday cake or trigger age transition or waiting for their birthday and aging up naturally they won’t they remain as babies regardless of what I do.  I have babies set to age up after two days and I tried everything over the course of a full sim week, the babies I used (triplets) refused with every method to age up, I have had over 150 children born since then for testing of this glitch purposes and every glitched child would not age up.  I really have tried everything which includes crying, obviously that didn’t help.  There is not a fix I can find for this.

I know its been awhile

Hey guys, so I’ve still got the bug, I’ve not managed to fix it yet but mostly cause I’ve not had time to fix it.  In the meantime I have another story going at the moment that was started for just a bit of fun and mostly cause if I didn’t I probably would have thrown the game out of the window.

I know some of you have found it but for those of you who haven’t its the Nightingale Resort.  I’ll be happy to see you all along there whilst I try and get time to uninstall and reinstall everything in the hopes that fixes the nasty baby glitch.

We have a problem

I’m so upset about this I can’t believe it but my babies in every game are glitched, in every town I can’t get around this issue.  When the babies are born their pics are wrong and then when I try and age them up regardless of if I wait for their birthday, use birthday cake or trigger age transition they refuse to age up.

I went into game late last night to mess about with Devlin’s daughter and her upcoming family so I got her pregnant for a bit of fun and had her have the babies.  The babies pictures came out like this.

I don’t know what to do, as far as I can tell it’s related to the pregnancies.  If I instant baby when pregnant I get these glitchy babies, if I instant baby when not pregnant I get normal kids that age up and are right.

Other than uninstalling and re installing I don’t know what to do as I really have exhausted all other possibilities in the last ten hours.  The worst part is the fact nothing changed I’ve not been in game, I’ve not altered anything I can’t see what the game thinks is different from before as I’ve not even added mods/cc or store content.  I did test this with Melody she had one of these children and when trying to age up the baby the game crashed to desktop.  For the time being I’m not in a good place as I don’t want to give up my challenges but I also don’t want to have it so I can’t have pregnancies and babies born in game that aren’t naturally through pregnancies.  This is the worst glitch in the world for a baby challenge parent as how do you continue when you can’t do what your supposed to?!?

I know this probably doesn’t make any sense but the challenges are screwed if I can’t get this to sort itself out.  I could maybe do another challenge but I would have to plan what amount of kids we would get from each pregnancy and cheat to get a normal baby as pregnancies are what is screwing up the game itself.

Hey guys

Sorry for the disappearance but things haven’t been great at spider headquarters.  I hope to be back in game by the end of the week or sometime next week and get some update pics and working on updates.  This does mean were probably a few weeks off but I’m only getting there due to work easing now.  For those of you that missed the posts I mentioned what was wrong.  First I had a procedure on my arm which killed (hurt alot) and on top of that at the time my hours at work doubled.  I am still on double hours for the moment but that should change next week.  This has left me with next to no time, what with being ill still I’ve just got up gone to work, slept, gone to work, slept etc.  With the hours about to go back to normal I may start to feel human again and be able to think about my stories I miss so much.  Thank you for bearing with me and being so patient.  You are all awesome and help to keep me driven.


We got back to the house after hours of photos and we changed, I had my hair cut to the new style when I changed and we went home together.

The older kids took the younger ones out for the rest of the day so me and J could have some proper alone time.

We went and relaxed in the hot tub first to wash away the hours of standing still for photos.  It can be a bit draining but a hot tub fixes all of that.

“Mrs Cooper would you like to join me in the bedroom?”  We had to keep up pretenses now since the ceremony was done and the spell around the arch has disappeared so others couldn’t see or hear us that weren’t Sky’s.  I would have to get one for the house really, I just had to learn it first.

“Why Mr Cooper I would love to.”

“I never thought this day would come and now it’s here I can’t stop smiling.”

“I felt the same too babe but we’re here, we’re married and I couldn’t be happier.”  Is it possible to be happier?

We had a whale of a time that afternoon/evening.  The lullaby never rang as I was pregnant again after our first time, we had to consummate the marriage first and then J helped me insert Wrath’s donation sent, I’ll post a pic at the end of the dad.  He wanted to help me the whole way through which I was happy about but I couldn’t wait to bless him with his own children again.

We eventually came up for air after quite alot of fun…. I mean alot.  We talked for hours, it was great I had the love of my life with me and he could stay and we were married… have I mentioned that before?

Where were the kids?  Well they were home now and Theo was in the garden looking handsome.

The girls were talking about the wedding in general and their powers.

Lucas was out playing with Bear.

Whilst Hazel and Jasper were having a pillow fight.

Upstairs me and J were having a pillow fight of our own.  Life was good and tomorrow we would have to go about our normal lives so we were enjoying today for today.  J would be trying to get a job at the fire department and I would be back to having babies.

But for now it was bliss being around my husband.

This is the baby daddy, Derek Morgan he’s some FBI agent tracking down psycho’s for a better want of the word… maybe he should be looking for Edna.

Authors note: I’m sorry guys but this is the last post for Melody.  We are officially on a break now.  I am sorry but my work hours are insane at the moment and I barely have time for me never mind the fella.  I hope it won’t be as long as the last break but it’s likely we will be rehiring so my hours are bound to be insane right up till the new people are trained up etc.  I know I had my arm hurt but that was a month ago and its pretty much healed up now at the moment its me doing double my contracted hours for however long is leaving me no time to play the sims.

Our wedding day

Morning hello there, umm did you know its my WEDDING DAY!  I mean come on me, I’m getting married…. yeah it’s still not settled in yet.

And this is my wedding dress, do I look like a happy blushing bride?  I feel like one, I feel like a grinning fool.  I’m getting married… I have got to calm down before J sees me.

Jerome’s Point of ViewIt’s my wedding day and up there somewhere is my bride.  This day was going to be amazing.  I can’t wait to see her.

The kids didn’t get up early like we did, they grumbled about going to bed but now that it was morning…. OK it is early they won’t get up.  Do they not know what day it is?

Melody’s Point of View

Of course I had to go wake the kids, I never expected them to want to get up on a Sunday, no school of course they would sleep in.

I didn’t have to fight too much with the girls once they saw my dress.

I went outside to find that the property next door was a wedding arch ready for us thanks to Wrath and the kids were there already, clapping as I came out to approach J.  Sure I should have had one of the boys walk me down the “aisle” but Scott being the oldest of the boys it could only ever have been him to walk me down the aisle but due to his closeness to Edna, Wrath couldn’t get him away…. I didn’t dare ask what she was up to.  But I was glad he had gone through the effort to get some of the kids here.

Sorry back to the moment.

“You look incredible Mel.”

“As do you J.  I can’t believe it, it’s too much to comprehend.”

“Believe it babe we’re here and we’re together, forever.”

My girls were already dressed up in the dresses I had sent to Wrath to send to them.  How great did they look?

“Are you ready to be a Mrs?”

“I’ve been dreaming of this day since a small child, I could never be more ready.”

I got my ring out for him first.  “Jerome Miller, J, my love, I spent most of my life wanting things I couldn’t have, and when I met you I was sure that was what was going to happen again, but then you came back to me, ready to stand by me through this madness.”

“You have made me incredibly happy, a joy I never thought I would have and I will do everything possible to bring you that joy too, you are the love of my life and I could never dream of spending another day without you in it.  Would you please do me the honour of being my husband?”

“Yes Melody, I will marry you, today and forever.”

I saw this picture later and couldn’t help but smile at my big strapping boys crying.

“I Melody Sky wed thee Jerome Miller today and forever.  I will love and cherish you every day of our lives.”

I couldn’t help it I had done it, I hadn’t stuttered or faltered I hadn’t even cried, I was as ecstatic about being halfway through as I was about not crying or stuttering my way through this moment.

“Melody Sky I would follow you to the moon and back to be near you.  I have loved you since that first day in Egypt, and I was surprised when you told me everything but I didn’t care then I had fallen for you, the person and I knew and by that point I could never care what troubles were befalling you as I just wanted to protect you from any other harm.”

“You have brought joy to my life where there was previously just wandering not knowing what I wanted.  A life that clearly was just waiting for you to enter it.  I, Jerome Miller, take thee Melody Sky as my wife now and forever I will always find ways to love and cherish you and show you the love you have always deserved.”

And with that we were wed.  Can you believe it married… I was married….

And then we kissed, our first married kiss.

The girls watched beautifully.

Whilst the boys tried to make up for the crying earlier by looking all non nonchalant.

We stood for many photos after this and you can see every pic from the wedding on the wedding page, J got to meet his children, which was great.  Faith told me her new identity was Julie and she was getting married in a few weeks, I offered her my dress as a loan and she hugged me till I couldn’t breath honoured to use the dress her parents were wed with.  You can see Julie’s wedding here.

Authors note: I really wanted all the children here and I tried desperately for three full days to get it to work but whenever I got close to thinking I did it the game would crash so instead I gave up and had J’s children there and Jenna only as it didn’t seem right to choose one child over another.


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